What are the Top 10 universities in the world and why

Top 10 Universities in the World

The world’s top 10 universities according to Times Higher Education 2014 based on Teaching, International outlook, Industry income, Research and Citations are as follows;

Several reasons can be cited why these institutions top in the world. The first and the most important reason is the standard of education. The top ten universities in the world offer a wide range of quality education, therefore, students from all over the world have a choice to select from. There is a reason why eight of the top ten universities in the world are from the United States and the other two are based the United Kingdom. USA and UK are developed countries which means that the education sector in the country is highly advanced. The top universities have therefore been able to make major breakthroughs in terms of science and modern technology so as to offer high standard education.

The high standard of education is enhanced by extensive library system which has numerous collection of the best conceptualized study materials. The students receive important attention from tutors whereby they freely communicate with them and receive personal attention. These universities offer important student support services that range from financial support through scholarships, psychological support and social support that are excellent.

There is more to being a top 10 university in the world than offering high standard of education.

These top 10 universities are all rounded and dynamic in terms resources, learning and teaching excellence, sports, research and service provision to humanity. They are also sensitive and responsive to the needs of their stakeholder’s, employees and the community.

These institutions of higher learning have taken many years to develop a high reputation which they endeavors to maintain. They have set up a global excellence in terms of research, training and innovation to best serve the world in the 21 st century. They admit top students from high school whom they provide with the best training whether in technology, research or other areas of scholarships. This helps in maintaining the high standard of education performance. Employers readily seek graduators from these universities because the students come out with a high exposure and wider skills.

These universities have the largest university endowments in the world which gives them a competitive advantage over other good universities. Studying in these universities is a great experience for students that makes the universities to receive high number of applications every year. A high number of admissions is enhanced because they run global institutes and schools which include the top-ranked business and medical schools, highly ranked schools of technology, engineering and applied Sciences and top ranked schools of law among others. The top ten universities have an international visualization of an excellent world by innovations and research on issues that affect humanity such as energy, cancer and environment.