What is a Capstone Project?

Effective ways to create a capstone project What is a Capstone Project?

A Capstone project is often a two-semester project in which a student pursues a particular project. The Capstone project is often based on a question or idea chosen by the student and is completed with the guidance and help of a tutor. It entails students taking what they have learned in the course and applying it, or at least experimenting with the idea. For this, it is apparent that there is a need for a series of courses before the project. These courses offer a theoretical foundation on which the Capstone project is built.

Effective ways to create a capstone project

In creating a Capstone project, the initial stage involves the selection of an area of interest. This is followed by administrative steps such as seeking a Capstone committee appropriate for the project. The next step is seeking approval for the selected topic from the chair of the Capstone committee to develop a proposal followed by selection of a date to defend the selected proposal before the Capstone committee. After a successful justification, the next step in development involves collecting information and working closely with the chair of the Capstone committee. This is followed by a defense of the project and finally a submission of the final product.

Best topics for a capstone project

The best topic for the Capstone project has to have an element of interest for the student. This way, the student is bound to have an element of interest in the topic and is therefore bound to have dedication to the project. In addition, the chosen topic has to be within the student’s area of study. This way, there is a theoretical background for the learner as well as the crucial help. For example, choosing a topic previously discussed in class presents the opportunity of seeking guidance from the course tutor in because these projects need guidance. In addition, the application is an important part of the learning process. Therefore, the Capstone project is often a tool of evaluation, hence necessitating the need for selection of a topic from the taken courses.